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Infrastructure & Systems Integration Support


Our teams of highly qualified Infrastructure skilled professionals are trained in the latest Virtualization Technology offerings by software vendors. We focus on internal team collaboration and standard best practices to structure IT support based on the team’s proactive approach with customer's management and their quality acceptance levels and Service Level Agreement based on frequent performance measurements.



Cyber Security & IT Security


CIPS has the capability to perform system risk assessments, security tests and evaluations, business risk and impact assessments, contingency plans, and system security plans. We contribute significantly to customers’ information systems security and assurance plans through the execution of Continuity Of Operations (COOP) and Disaster Recovery plans.

Cloud Computing & Virtualization


CIPS helps plan these services with major vendors’ Private and Federal cloud offerings. We can address security concerns in a holistic manner when implementing solutions for network security, data protection and business continuity. CIPS has personnel who are trained in the latest available virtualization and cloud infrastructure technologies and will work with recognized vendors in unified communication areas to help bring out the single face of the organization.

Information Technology (IT) Operations & Maintenance

CIPS provides reliable performance-based Operations and Maintenance, System Engineering, Information Assurance, and Help Desk support services. We also cover a wide range of software development services, such as database design, application programming, web enhancements, and software maintenance.


These include:

Software Engineering

Information Systems

Operations and Maintenance

Web & Application Development

​CIPS develops software that is highly configurable and integrates easily into customers' current enterprise systems, maximizing the re-use of existing IT assets and Return On Investment (ROI).

Computational & Mathematical Research and Development

​CIPS offers advanced-level experience and skilled research in designing and programming mathematical formulas and algorithms for real-world applications such as computer protocols, security and network tools.

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