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Our IT Operations and Maintenance services core team is extremely competitive when offering quality Information Technology Software, hardware, systems and application maintenance support services to customers. The Operations team maintains the Service Level Agreement (SLA) by monitoring the performance measurement from applications, and system resources. So the Agency may focus on their mission, and business of Governance objectives, the core team also helps customers achieve stable production operations, timely systems and security patch application and regular software maintenance support.


 We provide installation, configuration and O&M support on servers and server/network software:


  • Unix, Linux Operating platforms and Web servers on Solaris, Aix, HPUX, Microsoft Windows; Open systems support from recognized vendors RedHat CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Suse

  • Legacy mainframe, CICS communication, enterprise databases XDB, Oracle,  Production operations support

  • Libraries, and space management

  • Real time monitoring and support


We have expertise in Customer Relationship Management modules like Remedy, TrackIt, and Heat, to provide change management, Service Desk and Help Desk Tier 2 and 3 Support.Customers get the option to choose ITIL aligned service desk, incident, and problem management processes that enable us to exceed user requirements and generate high levels of customer satisfaction. ITIL trained staff, services Standard Operating Procedures, and ITSM Processes are central to our continuous process improvement, as we analyze closed tickets to determine best paths forward as well as lessons learned; which we capture in our reusable and shareable knowledge database.


  • We group, (e.g., by region by application, by data center); and statistically analyze all Remedy reported problems, thereby contributing to comprehensive remediation and to overall process improvement

  • We have developed Knowledge Base & trained users resulting in reduced calls and more self sufficient users

  • Our Tier 2 system administrators work with application owners and the development staffs to ensure service requests are resolved timely for continuous operations


More than half of the lifecycle costs are attributed to the operation and maintenance of systems. In knowing this, we actively engage in continuous ongoing application support in system monitoring and are prepared to meet your challenges to develop better ways to enhance systems, and provide feasible information technology solutions and recommendations.



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