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If you are a Government agency customer planning to acquire services from small disadvantaged business or looking to issue 8(a) set aside or full and open solicitation with small business component, you can rely on CIPS' GSA, GSA 8(a) STARs or our CIPS-Prime Government Contract Acquisition Vehicles (GWACs) to support your requirements.

Our Contract Vehicles enable clients to obtain comprehensive services from our established Prime partners while taking advantage of cost saving labor categories, reduced time to acquire services and flexibility (CIO-SP3).
These established vehicles allow Government agencies to acquire services on pre-competed rates, streamlined process, shorter acquisition cycle and established terms and conditions for agency request for proposals (RFP), quotes (RFQs), market research requests (MRRs), and Task Orders.


CIPS has made it easier by putting together the following schedule and contract vehicles for Government to do business with us:










For More Information Regarding CIPS' Contract Vehicles Please Contact:


Director of Business Development

P 301.656.5001 Ext. 1006


Greta Mileva, Contract Administration

P 301-656-5001 Ext. 1004

Constellations (CI)
Functional Areas (F) CIFA1, CIFA2, CIFA3, and CIFA4

Research and development and engineering support services to the NRL’s - Information Technology Division (NRL-ITD)

CTA Lead: Attain, LLC.
Task Area 5: IT Operations and Maintenance
Task Area 6: Integration Services


Computer Systems Support (CSS)
Computer/Information Systems Develop

Geographic Zone: 1, 2, 3, 4, & 6