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Artificial intelligence (AI), data mining, deep learning modern computer technologies. _Fu


Responsible Artificial
Intelligence Test & Evaluation


This AI T&E BPA was established to meet the DoD’s and other USG Agencies requirements of test technology and tools for a variety of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and autonomy applications. This Multi-Agency Contract (MAC) is open for ordering to all agencies of the USG in support of their AI T&E needs. This BPA encompasses a full range of AI T&E services to include:

•             Acquisition of commercial AI tools and services

•             Development of new AI tools and services

•             Integration of AI tools and services into environments

•             Operation and support of AI tools and services

•             Use of AI tools and services to conduct AI testing on AI models and software










Ravi Bhutani Business Development

Email :

Ph 301-656-5001 Ext 1006


NOTE:All non-professional labor categories must be incidental to and used solely to support hardware, software and/or professional services, and cannot be purchased separately

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