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  • We integrate enterprise systems (Linux, Macs, UNIX, Windows, Mainframes) implementing them seamlessly and securely

  • We support customers’ hardware and software with component interfaces that support open standard interoperability

  • We have expertise in both High Availability and High Performance cluster environments (comprising of Linux, CentOS, Ubuntu, SGI, and UNIX nodes) supporting Government Scientific Labs, Health and Social Sciences research organizations

  • We help customers’ achieve objectives for stable ongoing operations, meeting enhanced customer service level agreements; and architecting new data and user accessibility requirements

  • We provide dissimilar and geographically disbursed IT platform support

  • To support tiered development, test & deployment platforms, we use compatible HW/SW installs and patching for Development, test, and production environments

  • Customers continue to reap the benefits of improved application performance, reduced down time and improved return on investment

  • We provide critical recommendations Change Control System standards, and constantly update Business Continuity Plans


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