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Our expertise is across building web based transactional, case tracking, asset management, and logistics systems that transform customers’ processes into highly efficient, automated and anywhere accessible applications.


  • We enhance, develop/build component based object-oriented code as well as structured programs in various Java flavors, C++, C, COBOL

  • We design, model, and implement range of relational data management systems like Oracle, SQL Server, and XDB populating or extending existing data repository systems

  •  We have expertise in developing and enabling web applications for multiple platforms including workstations, laptops, tablets (BlackBerry Playbook), Smart phone (Blackberry and IPhone), and secure mobile devices

  • We offer compliance and remedial services under Section 508  

  • Our Joint Venture CIPS Partners LLC is uniquely qualified single source provider who can supplement and enhance your software development life cycle with business process reengineering, CMMI-III certified methodology, software training, and providing application help desk support

  • Customers get the option to choose new development, or application enhancements to be developed following CMMI III best practices with standards based required documentation for each stage of the process, establishing predefined quality criteria that must be met. We incorporate measurable and analytical components to measure success

  • Configuration Management (CM) is offered as part maintaining software releases

  • We provide Data migration, Conversion, loading support for different proprietary and open source databases like MySQL   

  • As part of deployment phase, we prepare formalized checklist for maintenance activities that is created through the Systems Life Cycle phases. We insist on

  • Sign-offs and acceptance process at each phase to assure the project meets all the customer requirements and is completed on budget, and per delivery schedule

  • Integrated Solution for Healthcare Software Development: CIPS' developed a first of its kind prototype for an integrated patient tracking, medical claim, electronic record management, and billing application that was designed as a single sign-on front-end. FrontDeskMD framework offered customers an economic solution to develop software applications in today's automated vertical markets that met the needs of medical group practices or clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, and billing service bureaus




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