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CIPS helps plan these services with major vendors’ Private and Federal cloud offerings. We can address security concerns in a holistic manner when implementing solutions for network security, data protection and business continuity. CIPS has personnel who are trained in the latest available virtualization and cloud infrastructure technologies and will work with recognized vendors in unified communication areas to help bring out the single face of the organization.


  • Our Infrastructure Core team provides IT support capabilities to your team in bringing collaborative operations, communications, and systems security across your IT platforms in your Agency/ labs, regional centers, and field offices. We help provide quick response capability for daily operational and emergency needs

  • We collaborate with agency stakeholders directly to create a support system that addresses your needs and meets your specifications. We build, collaborate, and protect organization IT applications and systems when considering implementation using your Cloud Computing goals

  • On virtualization projects, our team recognizes challenges by following the systems development life cycle processes, starting with rigorous gathering of user and systems requirements, and performing application testing on virtualized hardware that mirrors the disparate systems, while reducing footprint costs, power usage (Green IT) and mitigating security risks

  • Will assist Government organizations in assisting with FedRamp compliance for applications cloud implementation consideration


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