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Recent news

Continuous Monitoring – New Service Offering

December 2013


Improving customer bottom line in Cloud /Data Center Services implementations started as CIPS has been providing Data Center IT Services for our customers’ Scientific Clusters, Systems and Application Maintenance, Hybrid Operations, System Performance, migration to Mobile platforms, Hardware and Network Preventative maintenance, and IT Security Monitoring as an Independent Service Provider. We formed Memorandum of Understanding with established Tier III and Tier IV Data Centers and Cloud Service Providers (CSPS) in bidding above services as a team. CIPS “Continuous Monitoring” support refers to services that go beyond the Cloud providers identify and fix on found efforts. CIPS offers capability to monitor the facilities from outside the agency firewall, from its own facility, or from the data center/cloud facility itself.

CIPS Celebrate Recertification

June 2013


CIPS celebrates its recertification of ISO 9001:2008. CIPS passes the Audit without any non-conformities and with this CIPS has extended its quality accreditation through August 2016. This recertification reinforces the  maturity  of CIPS Quality Management System.


CIPS Passes Bi-Annual TS Facility Audit

April 2013


CIPS passes its Bi-Annual TS Facility Audit. CIPS facility has held the TS clearance since  2003 and has supported DoD, Civilian, and Intel community requiring individuals at all cleared levels.

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