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POSITION/TITLE: Linux/Unix System Administrator


REPORTS TO: Project Manager


LOCATION: Maryland

POSITION SUMMARY: Provides administration and support to Solaris/IRIX/Linux/Apple OS systems. Manages user accounts, monitors storage usage, performs backups, writes scripts to monitor system operation and notify administrators of potential operational problems and possible security problems. Provides systems configuration, deployment, administration and end-user support for file servers, application servers, computational clusters and scientific workstations.

Deploys and manages configurations for Linux/Solaris/IRIX/Apple OS servers and workstations, installs patches and configures and upgrades to the operating system.
Migrates applications from Solaris operating system to Linux. Provides application software installation, configuration, and troubleshooting support.
Resolves application user problems providing a complete description of the problem and the resolution in the Remedy help system database.
Performs security administration for operating systems, to include SSH and SSL configuration, troubleshooting, system auditing, logging, operating system hardening, patching, and managing intrusion detection tools and techniques. Update the application software when new versions are available.
Administers centralized antivirus application activity for Sophos AV, ClamAV, and other anti-virus applications. Monitors the application logs to determine correct operation. Updates the virus signature files as necessary, or monitors the automated update process for correct operation.
Documents all processes, procedures, configurations, etc., using the Remedy Change Management System
Provides desktop and printer hardware and software support for client’s HP, Xerox, and other manufacturer’s color and black-and-white printers.
Provide DNS, Active Directory, LDAP, DHCP, NIS, SAMBA (or equivalent), account management infrastructure support, and floating-license-application license manager support. Configure and troubleshoot license management software such as FlexLM to manage floating licenses for software packages such as ANSYS, IDL, and Mathematica.
Provides account management support to electronic mail system, central calendaring system (Oracle Calendar), and file server including SAMBA or equivalent, latest version.
Provides support for the applications such as Sendmail, MailScanner, SpamAssassin , Simple Authentication and Security Layer (SASL), Cyrus and other IMAP and POP servers, Internet Messaging Program (IMP), Sophos, ClamAV, Majordomo, Listproc, list processing software packages, BigBrother, Nagios., Tripwire or other similar to above applications
Provide SAMBA or similar SMB file sharing application administrative support.

Manage above areas as per contract’s scope and any new customer requirements.
Administers as directed centralized appliances, such as a Proofpoint P800 anti-spam/anti-virus appliance and CAI Industries 480S load balancing appliances.
Provide support for the central electronic mail system and central calendaring system Web servers.

Experience and Competencies:
Skills in performing security administration including SSH and SSL configuration, troubleshooting, system auditing, logging, operating system hardening, patching, and managing intrusion detection tools and techniques.
Strong skills in application software installation, configuration, and troubleshooting support Experience with monitoring and resolving network flaws and print server and queue problems. Experience in patching, intrusion detection tools and techniques are essential.
Three years experience as an Administrator providing System Backup/ Maintenance/Optimization and managing system backup and restore; Unix/Linux Email/Web Servers and Network Management Software Email/Web Servers and Network Management Software

B.S. Degree in Information Systems or High School Diploma with 5+ years experience in administration of Solaris/IRIX/Linux/Apple OS systems.

No Certification or License Required






Please fill out the online application below, save it to your computer, and send it along with your resume as an attachment to the CIPS Human Resources E-Mail address:

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