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POSITION/TITLE: Programmer Analyst 3



REPORTS TO: Program/Project Manager


LOCATION: Mechanicsburg, PA; Kittery, ME

Computer Integration & Programming Solutions Corp. (CIPS), located in Bethesda, MD is seeking Programmer Analyst 3 to serve as a key member of the team to support the contract at the Naval Sea Logistics Center (NLSC) in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. Work is focused primarily on programming applications or databases with access or delivery through Internet portals. Leading other coders and teams on large IT programs, interfacing and working with customer requirements to produce the desired result. The candidate is typically assigned project responsibility for highly sophisticated, complex integrated systems. Projects are major in scope and require the application to resolve diverse problems that cannot be solved at lower levels.

Analyze, evaluate, integrate, and monitor key project requirements and relate these to IT solutions. Maintain knowledge and compliance with program, quality assurance, and security and information assurance requirements.
Work independently under general guidance and supervision and rely on extensive experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals related to     design, maintenance and sustainment of complex IT application programs and architecture.
Review, analyze, and modify IT solutions and conduct coding, testing, debugging and installing to support requirements.
Take customer's requirements and be able to design an appropriate application and/or database standardized solution.
Determine what type of application (e.g. web-based, client-server, etc.) and what implementation technology (e.g. java, .NET, etc.) should be used. Able to update, repair, modify, and expand existing programs.
Demonstrate the ability or knowledge to use libraries of basic code that can be modified or customized for a specific application.
Communicate with project managers, system engineers, SMEs and other programmers to achieve maximum results relating to system development, implementation, and maintenance to meet customer specified IT requirements.
Document analysis, procedures, guidelines, and reports pertaining to the implementation, development, and maintenance of the customer systems.
Attend meetings, seminars, training, and tasking-supported forums that improve the quality of systems supported upon government request and approval    
Lead large projects that involve many programmers and may use computer-assisted software engineering tools to automate and integrate the coding process.

Required Skills:
Demonstrate extensive knowledge of programming code and the ability to work with other programmers
Knowledge of and the ability to integrate enterprise level commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) application software products into the government environment (e.g. Business Objects, etc.)
Should be knowledgeable of design and development of both front-end user interface (UI) implementations as well as back-end database architectures for both client-server and web-based applications.
Have extensive experience in the system development lifecycle. Individual projects may require a combination of experience in one or more of the following areas:
           front-end web technology (e.g. HTML, XHTML, Javascript, CSS, etc.)
           back-end web application servers such as J2EE based web containers, database design and database code modules (e.g. Oracle/MS SQL Server                                                                                                                    schemas and PL/SQL stored procedures)
          general purpose programming language (such as .NET, C+, Java, Visual Basic, PowerBuilder, etc.)
Demonstrate analytical ability, judgment, discretion and personal responsibility, and the application of a substantial body of knowledge of the principles, concepts, and practices applicable to IT systems, services, and technologies.

Eight to ten (8-10) years of experience in field of specialty such as Computer Science, Information Systems or related field (i.e., physics, mathematics, systems analysis, operations research, engineering etc. )

Four-year college degree in field of specialty such as Computer Science, Information Systems or related field (i.e., physics, mathematics, systems analysis, operations research, engineering etc. ); or equivalent education and experience combined

Choosing CIPS as your next employer provides you with a comprehensive, progressive work-life benefits package consisting of highly competitive pay, performance incentives and array of benefits.
CIPS is an Equal Opportunity Employer



Please fill out the online application below, save it to your computer, and send it as an attachment to the CIPS Human Resources E-Mail address

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