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Dr. Bhutani is an avid Researcher in the field of Mathematics and has published a book on Fuzzy Group Theory. She has referred over thirty (30) articles and has won several research contracts including at NRL for investigating applications of graph theory to distributed computing.  She also has won research contracts at the National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health where she investigated applications of fuzzy theory in developing methods for automating the task of segmentation and classification of cervical and lumbar spine vertebrae in digitized X-ray images, a topic of interest to researchers working in the area of Osteophytes and Osteoarthritis. A prototype system using MATLAB's Graphical User Interface was developed.


For NRL, she developed an algorithm for aggregation of peer group topology for routing in hierarchical ATM networks and for conducting research involving Virtual Paths in ATM networks. She investigated applications of Graph theory in this emerging area of Asynchronous transfer mode.


Dr. Bhutani is Professor and Chairperson of Math Department at the Catholic University of America. She is associate Editor of the Journal, Intelligent Automation and Soft Computing, Auto Soft Press, Albuquerque, NM, She referees for Journals like IEEE transactions on fuzzy systems, Pattern Recognition Letters, Information Sciences, Journal of Fuzzy Mathematics, Iranian Journal of Sciences, Integers Journal, Intelligent Automation and soft Computing, Journal of Approximate Reasoning, Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics published by the Indian National Science Academy.  Dr. Bhutani has Ph.D. Mathematics; M.Sc. Mathematics and a BA (honors), Mathematics. Dr. Bhutani is involved with Preparing Future Faculty Program within The Howard University Cluster.   

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