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HR Manager AND Operations

Ms. Oliver is an incredibly valuable asset to the CIPS team. With her 20 years of experience in all facets of Human Resources (HR) management, she has been integral in shaping corporate HR initiatives and policies. Her expertise includes recruitment, training and development, employee relations, compensation & benefits administration, and a special focus on DoD contracts. Ms Shine has also developed strong relationships with clients’ acquisition teams while ensuring there are no organizational conflicts of interest (OCI). Additionally, she has consistently aligned the company's strategy to achieve process improvements that lead to increased productivity across the organization.


Ms Oliver's accomplishments also extend beyond traditional HR responsibilities such as recruitment and on-boarding. She has achieved great success when it comes to operational workforce planning and competency alignment. She understands the importance of having employees with up-to-date skill sets within an IT environment that is constantly changing, allowing them to quickly adapt to meet client needs or project requirements efficiently without compromising quality standards or deadlines set by customers or stakeholders.


Ms. Oliver's ability to anticipate potential problems before they arise and provide solutions quickly has resulted in increased customer satisfaction and increased business opportunities. Her 20 years of knowledge and her ability to think ahead make her ideal with helping to drive progress towards achieving long term goals and objectives.

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